Operoo provides a simple way for parents, carers and/or guardians to sign forms, make payments and safely share emergency and medical data with the school. Operoo eliminates the need for paper forms being sent home and found in the bottom of backpacks and there will be no more filling in the same information over and over again.


The primary means of communication is through our Audiri SkoolBag App. The Audiri SkoolBag App is used to successfully communicate to parents and families within the school of all important news, events, newsletters, notes, e-forms and other important information about your child’s education. It is recommended that all families have access to this App.

Installation can be found at


At St Francis de Sales we have made a commitment to using a digital portfolio tool called ‘Seesaw’.
Seesaw is a platform for student engagement that inspires students of all ages to do their best. Seesaw creates a powerful learning loop between teachers, students, and families.

When teachers and families work together, outcomes improve. We’re using Seesaw because it supports strong relationships between teachers, students, and families. Together, we can support and celebrate your child’s learning inside and outside the classroom!


● Makes your child’s thinking and learning visible so we can see and celebrate their growth over time

● Opens communication between home and school, so we can share ideas to best support your child’s learning at home and at school

● Gives your child an authentic audience for their work — you! — which motivates them to do their best