Our Staff

Role Name
Parish Priest Rev. Father Thien Vo
Principal John Rudd
Deputy Principal | Leader of Learning and Innovation Belynda Horne
Business Office Manager Connie Lapworth
Office Administration Assistant Lisa Hunter
Executive Assistant | Community Communication Jodie Wishart
Year Prep Mikaela Borg
Year Prep Anna La Terra
Year Prep Irene O'Keefe
Year 1/2 Claressa Janineh
Year 1/2 Lauren Nisi
Year 1/2 Judy Springfield
Year 3/4 Courtney Clark | Elizabeth Camilleri
Year 3/4 Emily Pereira
Year 3/4 Liz Rutherford
Year 5/6 Tara Amici
Year 5/6 Audrey Lotter-Thompson | Sharon Paxman
Year 5/6 Michael Thompson
Education in Faith | Visual Arts Simon Maltese
Wellbeing | Learning Diversity Leader Catherine Joyce
Intervention Support (Grade Prep - 2) Amelia Morse
Intervention Support (Grade 3-6) Elizabeth Camilleri
Physical Education and Sport Deborah Boyle
Languages | Italian Pierina Schiavello
STEM | Digital Technology Elise Chandler
STEM Audrey Lotter-Thompson |
STEM | Digital Technology Penny Sutton
Librarian | Learning Support Officer Sally Anderson
Learning Support Officer Liliane Assouni
Learning Support Officer Adriana Bof
Learning Support Officer Teresa Lafontaine
Learning Support Officer Janice Neagle
Learning Support Officer Thuy Nguyen
2024 Classroom Teachers, Leadership Group and Specialist Teachers