Term Dates and School Times

2020 School Term Dates

Term 1 Friday 31 January 2020 – Friday 27 March 2020
Easter 2020 Friday 10 April 2020 - Monday 13 April 2020
Term 2 Tuesday 14 April 2020 - Friday 26 June 2020
Term 3 Monday 13 July 2020 - Friday 18 September 2020
Term 4 Monday 5 October 2020 - Tuesday 15 December 2020

Arriving at School

Children are expected to arrive at school between 8:30am and 8:45am, giving them ample time to greet their teachers and friends, organise their materials for the day and even have a little time to play. All of this is great settling behaviour and allows the students to be ready for the business of the day.

Children arriving after 8:50am experience difficulties settling into the days’ learning as they miss the important “tuning in” that happens at the beginning of each school day.

Being at school on time helps children to learn and assists them in developing good habits which will benefit them throughout their schooling and throughout their lives.

School Times

Students Arrive (from) 8:30am
Classrooms Open and First Bell sounds 8:45am
Final morning bell sounds 8:55am
Role Taken and Classes begin 8:55am
Morning Recess 11:00am
Recess Finishes 11:40am
Lunch – Eating 1:40pm
Lunch Recess 1:50pm
Lunch Finishes 2:30pm
Dismissal 3:30pm (except on Monday) our staff meeting day, when children are dismissed at 3:15pm)

School Closure Days

During the year St Francis de Sales has set School Closure Days. School Closure Days enable our Teaching Staff to attend Training Sessions and Professional Development Seminars and Courses.

Term 1 Tuesday 25 February 2020 Intervention Framework
Term 2 Thursday 30 April 2020 - Friday 1 May 2020 Staff Conference - Faith Formation - Cancelled
Term 2 Monday 1 June 2020 Data Analysis - Cancelled
Term 3 No School Closure Days
Term 4 Monday 2 November 2020 Professional Practice Day
Term 4 Wednesday 25 November 2020 Whole School Annual Action Plan Day

All Term and School Closure Dates can be found on our SkoolBag App and are also included in our Parent Calendar.

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