Complaints Handling

St Francis de Sales prides itself on clear, consultative and open communication.

St Francis de Sales is committed to building a school community that features positive and respectful relationships. Within our school, relationships are founded in the Gospel values of justice, compassion, reconciliation and kindness. Such relationships support the learning and development of students and value the innate dignity of each person. It is important that each member of the community, including staff, parents and students, are contributors to the building of the school community. A timely and professional response to parent complaints is an effective means of encouraging communication, building trust and resolving issues for the betterment of all concerned.

St Francis de Sales understands that from time to time complaints arise regarding aspects of our school’s operation of programs and activities, and that it is important that all members of the community have the opportunity to be heard. Whilst we accept our responsibility to consult and to communicate both clearly and effectively with the community, community members also have an obligation to read notices, information on our website, newsletters, to attend meetings and to seek clarification when required. There may, however, still be times when members of the community disagree or are confused about the actions we are taking. You are always entitled to seek information, advice and support to raise a concern or a complaint from an advocacy organisations.

St Francis de Sales commits to ensuring procedural fairness is observed when dealing with complaints and grievances. Positive, clear and effective procedures and processes for resolving grievances between the school and community members can assist in building strong relationships, dispelling anxiety and ultimately providing students with a settled and happy learning environment.

St Francis de Sales Codes of Conduct for parents/guardians/carers and students outline the expectations for behaviour for members of our community. Included in the Codes of Conduct are procedures relating to any concerns that members of the community may have – whether these are serious grievance issues, or relatively minor concerns.

All Catholic schools are required to have a proper complaints policy and processes.  We recommend that you try to resolve the issue with the school first wherever possible. If this is unsuccessful, you have the right to take your complaint further.

Please see MACS Complaints Handling Policy for further information about resolving complaints or grievances.

MACS Parent Guardian Carer Code of Conduct Policy MACS Complaints Handling Policy MACS School Community Safety Order Scheme Review Process