Parents and Friends Group

St Francis de Sales continues to be a community that is both welcoming and inclusive. Our school has a strong sense of community where you are welcomed with warmth into a caring environment. We recognise that the partnership between home, school and the wider parish is vital to the school’s continued success.

Our parents continue to be incredibly supportive through action that assist the school such as being parent helpers in the classroom, attending fortnightly school assemblies and other school events.

The role of Parents and Friends is to work to support the staff and the school which their children attend. This is vital work because it is only through the co-ordinated active involvement and interest of parents, along with dedicated staff, that the School will become a ‘faith community, which not only encourages learning but leads children to God and living a Christian life’ (Parents and Friends Federation of Western Australia Inc).

The aim of Parents and Friends is to assist in the planning and organising of functions associated with the social, sporting, cultural and educational life of the school community.

At times, the Parents and Friends Group fundraise for particular projects which assist or enhance teaching aids and equipment or improvements to facilities within the school grounds, buildings etc. In order to achieve its aims, Parents and Friends arrange a variety of events throughout the school year.