School Advisory Council

Serving on the School Advisory Council of a Catholic school is a form of Church lay ministry. It is a response to the call to support the local Catholic Parish and School communities in a particular way. It is also a means for members of our community to share their skills and talents for the common good. A well-functioning Council provides rich sources of wisdom and insight as well as a means of strengthening community links and potential for partnerships. The School in conjunction with the School Advisory Council have adapted the MACS Terms of Reference in establishing effective operating procedures for the Council.

In keeping with the objects of the MACS Constitution, which states “The good work of educating the young, undertaken in the light of the Gospel, is a co-responsible task led by every member of the Catholic school community”, the School Advisory Council provides a crucial point of connection between the wider School community and School leaders. While the School Advisory Council does not have a decision-making authority, it informs, advises and supports the Principal and School leadership.

Advisory in nature
The School Advisory Council provides a forum for discussion and discernment, where the parent/guardian voice and perspective are available to inform and support the decisions made by the Principal and Parish Priest for the good of School and Parish where the wellbeing and outcomes for students is paramount.

School Advisory Councils do not have a legal identity and do not become involved in the day-to-day management of the School. It is also important that School Advisory Council members understand that their role is to give consideration to, and advice on, important School matters in order to support the Principal in the context of the MACS governance arrangements. The School Advisory Council must act within the parameters of this Terms of Reference.

The School Advisory Council is made up of dedicated parents and staff. The School Advisory Council meets monthly to advise in a spirit of cooperation with the Parish Priest and School Principal regarding the operation of the school.

Please feel free to contact the School Advisory Council at any time with any questions or comments you may have via email or please feel free to approach any one of our members.

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