Inquiry is all about what learners do. At St Francis de Sales, we integrate a broad range of curriculum areas into our inquiries, to encourage learners to actively make sense of new information in a way that develops agency, self-efficacy, and taking action. Inquiry forms a meaningful foundation for learners to understand their responsibility to contribute positively to the world, armed with a deep understanding of the unique skills and talents they possess in order to do so.

Our Inquiry framework seeks to support learners to come to authentic understandings based on the following concepts, which are explored every 2-years:

• Wellbeing: Health & Physical Education

• Innovation: Design Technologies

• Change: Science

• Identity: Humanities

• Sustainability: Science

• Community: Humanities

At St Francis de Sales, Visual Arts and Digital Technologies are embedded in our Inquiry Curriculum across all strands. In this way, all our teachers are Visuals Arts and Digital Technology teachers. We believe this approach supports our learners to express their knowledge and ideas creatively and in a way befitting of the needs of a digital world.

Key to our digital technology education is:

• 1 to 1 Laptop availability from Grades 3-6

• Pods of iPads used to support learning in Junior school

• Digital Display technology in every classroom

• Use of google apps for education (GAFE) in all classrooms

• In-class programs supporting cyber safety and use of technology

• Use of technology to support assessment of student learning needs across the school

• State of the art virtual environment including ICT support on site