Education in Faith

Religious Education is at the centre of both the formal and informal Catholic school curriculum. The values, ideals and challenges of the Gospel, embodied in the person of Jesus Christ, find explicit expression in our curriculum and ethos of our school, as do the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church.

At St Francis de Sales we recognise parents as the primary educator of a child’s faith and appreciate that all students bring a wide range of faith and spiritual experiences. These experiences are built upon in the curriculum as rich sources for further learning in Religious Education.

Prayer and Liturgy

At St Francis de Sales prayer and liturgy is an integral part of school life. Students are provided with the opportunity to participate and engage in prayer on a regular basis, in class, at whole school assemblies or independently. The students are involved in a variety of liturgies to celebrate and commemorate events in our school and community as well as special feasts celebrated in our Church as well as given the opportunity to participate in parish masses as a class.


Our Sacramental preparation is a partnership between the families, school and parish.

The School works in partnership with the Parish and parents to offer a curriculum that supports and develops the child’s understanding of the Sacraments and the significance it has in their lives and the world. The program also includes Family Faith evenings to further support and guide the children and families in preparing for the Sacrament as well as specially dedicated Masses for families, including the Sacramental celebrations, which develops the child’s sense of belonging and importance as part of the Church.

At St Francis de Sales the:

  • Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated in Year 3
  • Sacrament of Eucharist is celebrated in Year 4
  • Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated in Year 6
  • School aged Baptisms | Please contact the Parish office for more information about school aged Baptisms.

2024 Sacrament Dates

The below sacrament dates are a guide only and due to unforeseen circumstances, may be subject to change.

Sacrament Date Time
Reconciliation Wednesday 11 September 2024 7:00pm
Eucharist | Group 1 Saturday 15 June 2024 6:00pm
Eucharist | Group 2 Sunday 16 June 2024 9:30am
Confirmation Saturday 11 May 2024 11:00am

Education in Faith Leader | Simon Maltese