LOTE (Italian), Performing Arts, & Physical Education

At St Francis de Sales, we understand the need for a rich and varied curriculum to meet the needs and interests of a broad range of learners. We are committed to developing the conditions for our learners to achieve in a range of contexts. Within our specialist program, we offer LOTE (Italian), Performing Arts, and Physical Education.

LOTE (Italian)

At St Francis de Sales, LOTE (Italian) is offered to all students from Prep to Grade 6 on a weekly basis for 40-minute lessons. Our program aims to teach students basic Italian language skills while immersing them in the culture and history of Italy. This year our school has committed to the Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) F-2 initiative, which strives to raise the profile of language study using a play-based approach supported by digital technologies. ELLA creates opportunities develop cognitive and social skills, and to celebrate culture and diversity. We are very excited to be on board!

Performing Arts

At St Francis de Sales we highly regard the Performing Arts as a vehicle for self-expression, confidence building, and fun! Our Performing Arts curriculum is comprised of drama, singing, dance, and performance, elements which are explored during weekly 40-minute lessons. Every second year we produce and perform a whole school production in collaboration with our whole school community.

The Performing Arts program also includes opportunities to join the school choir. The school choir rehearses hymns to sing at school Masses, as well as songs to perform at assemblies, morning teas and community events.

Physical Education

Physical Education is offered to all students from Year Prep to Year 6 through a program provided by dedicated specialist and classroom teachers. Our program develops motor skills and movement competence, health related physical fitness and sport education through engagement in physical activity, games sport and outdoor education. Swimming is offered in Years 1-4 and a camp program in Year 5/6. Year 3-6 students are given the opportunity to participate in Inter-School Sport competitions such as Cross Country and Athletics. The Year 5/6 students also participate in Inter-School Sport winter and summer competitions in sports like netball, soccer, football, cricket, bat tennis and softball.