Mini Vinnies and our Community Partnerships Program

Mini Vinnies is a group of Students who get together to help those in need within our school community. Mini Vinnies introduces children to social justice issues, to the St Vincent de Paul Society and to living faith through action.

The St Francis de Sales Mini Vinnies Group make ongoing contributions to numerous initiatives and assisting those in our community who are marginalised. Together we continue to network and assist others. Sometimes, it is not only about assisting those living in poverty, it is also about reaching out and making connections with others in our community.

The Mini Vinnies are now part of a new community partnership which we call ‘Community Afternoons’.

Each Friday afternoon, a group of 10 Mini Vinnies Students will assist preschoolers to undertake a variety of activities or engage with the residents at an Aged Care Facility where they will read together, play board games or simply sit and have a chat getting to know them. The students have the opportunity to experience both Kindergarten and Aged Care.